My wife got gestational DM.

Do you know gestational diabetes mellitus?
Now my wife is pregnant.
Last Saturday We went to the obstetrician clinic to a routine check-up.

what is gestational DM?

Gestational DM is a condition that pregnant woman gets hyperglycemic.

Early days in pregnancy all pregnant woman take blood sugar level test.
However, the baby gradually getting bigger and bigger, mothers insulin gradually not effective.

High blood sugar level cause many complications.

What are GDM complications?

for Mathers

  • pregnancy hypertension
  • Too much amnion fluid
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Retinopathy
  • nephropathy

for babies

  • Abotion
  • Morphologial abnormality
  • Huge child
  • Heart hypertrophy
  • hypoglycemia

How to diagnose?

Pregnant woman take OGTT test.
OGTT means oral glycemic tolerance test.

If blood sugar level is higher than 140mg/dl, it is positive.

And you should take another test.

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