Who Is Masahiro Kasahara?

Hello, I’m Fumi.

Today I would like to introduce my favorite chef in japan.
His name is Masahiro Kasahara.

He is owner and chef of sanpiryoron.(his restaurant)

Where is Sanpiryoron.

Sanpiryoron is located in Ebisu.
Ebisu is a fashionable town.

His career

He was born on 1972 September 3rd.
His family runs a yakitori restaurant.

He practiced cooking for 9 years at Kicho(Japanese food restaurant).

He opened his own restaurant in 2004.

How Did I Get to Know him.

One day I was watching TV programs.
On that TV program he was cooking.

His cooking is arranged in a Japanese style and looks very delicious.

That’s why I decided to refer to his dish.

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